About Obsidian-IRC

Obsidian-IRC was founded towards the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 by Jordan and Ishaq. ObsidianIRC was launched originally on Unreal and Atheme, but was then changed to Anope, and then shortly afterwards back to Atheme again due to preference from users and staff. ObsidianIRC has hosted various large companies and free services over the years including BlueVM, HostUS, EliteBNC, PanicBNC, GeekBouncer and many others.

Connecting to the network

ObsidianIRC provide a simple webchat which can be used to chat on your favourite channels. However, the more advanced user may want to use an IRC client. The standard port (Non-SSL) is 6667 and the SSL port is +6697. IPv6 connectivity is enabled automatically when connecting via the main round robin.

We have IRC servers all around the world, including Europe and North America.

You can connect directly by using irc.obsidianirc.net, connect via IPv6 (only) by using irc6.obsidianirc.net, connect to one of our European servers by using eu.obsidianirc.net or one of our North American servers by using us.obsidianirc.net.

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